• This beautiful corner of North Norfolk is a good place to live. Five small communities are linked together by a stream, the Scarrowbeck, which gives the parish churches of the area a name that identifies and unites them in a renewed sense of vision. This website attempts to show who we are, what's going on, and where to find us.


    Our benefice  is in an interregnum i.e. we have no priest at the moment 

    For all matters concerning weddings, baptisms or funerals please contact our

    Rural Dean -  Reverend Keith Rengert, The Rectory, School Road, Reepham, NR10 4LJ or phone 01603 879275


    We intend to resume Public Worship in our Churches from Easter Sunday onwards.

    The first service will be a Group Service of Holy Communion at 10am at Erpingham Church.

    The services are taken by visiting priests.

    For services for the rest of the month please see Keeping in Touch

    Everyone is welcome


    To see readings and a reflection for the 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month compiled by the readers/lay ministers, click on the  'Special Sunday Services' folder

    CHURCH OPENING the churches will still be open for private prayer as below.

    Please use the hand sanitiser in the porches when you enter and leave the churches and keep a safe social distance if others are there. Thank you.

    Erpingham   unlocked Wednesday and Sunday 10.30am - 3.30pm to allow 72 hours between.

    Calthorpe and Thwaite   unlocked every day during daylight hours (locked each evening)

    Alby     unlocked daily ( night and day)

    Ingworth   for the moment remains locked


    During this time of the closure of our church buildings owing to the Coronavirus our income from collections at services and fundraising had stopped, but the fixed costs remain much the same.  Please consider giving generously to our mission and ministry as we seek as churches to support everyone in this community.  For ways to give please click on the :-

      UPDATES RE CORONAVIRUS folder.  Thank you.


    Please contact  the churchwardens for further infomation or if you would like yourselves or loved ones to be included in our prayers or you would like home communion please contact one of our readers.


    Keeping in Touch will not be delivered house to house in the Scarrowbeck Benefice for the moment to protect our deliverers. Copies can be found at each church and Alby garage and on this web site.


    If you have any worries or concerns then please ask for help. On the folder to the left are addresses, phone numbers and links to help you.

    Scarrowbeck Benefice Churchwardens

    Alby Church             Mecki Green                  01263 761480 no e mail

    Erpingham                Keith Harrison              01263 761698                                                                                                                  harriswine@doctors.org.uk

                                       Linda Howard               01263 833323                                                                                                                  cicely@danbrian.co.uk

    Thwaite                     James Buchan              01263 768916                                                                                                                  jebuchan@btinternet.com

                                       Lesley Hennessey       01263 761873                                                                                                                 lesley.alby@gmail.com

    Scarrowbeck readers/lay ministers

    Angela Parkes           07799692816 if you would like to be added to our prayer list

    Helen Burrell              01263 768209 for home communion when this is allowed

    Ian Andrews               01263 732780

    Colin Willis      091263 577288

    There are five parishes in the Scarrowbeck benefice: Alby,  Calthorpe, Erpingham, Ingworth and Thwaite. Both Ingworth and  Calthorpe are now in the care of the Diocesan Trust who look after the fabric and insurance. After this pandemic they will have at least 6 services a year, and will be open during the day - see above -  and will be available for baptisms, weddings and funerals.



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  • The Charity Day at Mannington Hall raised over £3,500 for the churches of Erpingham, Alby and  Thwaite. A magnificent result and very many thanks to all those whose hard work made this possible. Especial thanks  must go to Lord and Lady Walpole for not only allowing us to use their lovely grounds but  also helped us so much in preparing for and running  the day itself.