Ingworth Trosh and Dog Show 2013




Torrential rain, howling gales, - exactly what was forecast between 1pm and 5pm on the day of the Trosh.  But what did the BBC weather know? We had to go for it anyway! And were we not glad we did. True, at 11.30am, it started to spit with rain and from then on it rained in a half-hearted fashion off and on, but the downpour was saved until 4.15pm. The numbers coming to the Trosh were down understandably, and a number of stall holders didn’t arrive, but those who did were treated to a splendid afternoon with two Ransome drums actively threshing, baling and bagging as they have always done.



- to Rob Alston and his family for the loan of his field this year. An ideal location, just the right size and shape. We are so grateful for their generosity and co-operation without which the Trosh could not happen.

- to Alan Witham and all his family  (his father Tom owns one of the Ransomes) for their untiring effort to make the Trosh such a success especially after just completing the harvest .

- to those who brought and worked the vintage machinery all afternoon and to Peter Daniels for his organisation.

- to Rob and Lauren for running the DOG SHOW– a new event this year which provided much entertainment and kept the crowds there.

- to Charles and Meg Foster for bringing Carrot Cake, and Rhubarb, their mini Shetland ponies and to John Taylor of Oaklea Alpacas who brought along his alpaca Luca to mingle with the crowds. Luca also had the honour of winning the‘Dog most like Mr.Witham!!’ (See the EDP Sept.17th for a photo)’-to all the church stall holders and to those many people who manned the refreshment tent- to all those stalls from outside who came despite the weather, from the farmers market to the Seal and Bird Rescue Trust with their lovely owls.

- to all those who managed the traffic, the gate and the car parking and got the rough end of the deal as far as weather was concerned.

And to all those who marked out the field, gathered in tables and chairs, and put up and took down tents with such remarkable speed.

Young people to the retired - what a team!! We are so lucky to have so many willing people to help make the Trosh such a success.


We raised around £3,000 for Erpingham, Alby and Ingworth churches – a magnificent effort considering the weather. What a hardy, determined, and willing lot we are!!





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