Lent groups for 2020

Lent Groups were on Wednesdays at 7.30pm at Erpingham Church


Together during these sessions we spent some time thinking about people who witnessed the crucifixion.

March 4th         The Centurion                Finding Truth

March 11th        The Criminal                  Finding                                                                                       Forgivness

The following lent groups were cancelled because of the corona  virus

March 18th        Joseph of Aramathea   Finding Courage

March 25th        Mary                                Finding Trust

April 1st             Thaddaeus                     Finding faith                                                                              under  fire

These were real people with thoughts, experiences and responses like ours.                         We will use material from 'At the Cross' by Abby Guiness                                             After we studied these characters it was interesting to consider their viewpoint and how they differed from our own


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